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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring with me?

You must bring your driving licence with you EVERY time you hire, either the photocard type or older paper-only type, PLUS your endorsement history is recorded online only, so in addition you will need to do ONE of the following things;

1st choice; Visit and print off your ‘endorsement history’ to bring in. (No more than 1 week before hire starts )

2nd choice; Use the Share my Driving Licence service at  and create a ‘check code’ for us to be able to view your record, and let us know the code in advance of your hire date. (Valid for 21 days only )

3rd choice; Bring in your National Insurance number so YOU can look up your details online in our office  ( A little time consuming at busy periods)

4th; Last resort; We can call DVLA when you are here, and get your details but there’s a £3 fee.



Where is Barford Hire?
We are easy to find on the B1108 main Norwich-Watton road in the village of Barford, just 10 minutes from Norwich ringroad and 4 minutes from the A47 bypass, N&N Hospital junction. Away from all the rush-hour traffic!

Can I leave a car?
Absolutely! We have free parking with 24hr access for out-of-hours returns (at owners risk).

How old do I need to be to hire?
Our minimum age is 25 years old and maximum is 75yrs, when on our insurance, but 25 to 69 inc for Minibuses and 7.5t Trucks.

I have points on my licence, can I still hire?
Depending on individual criteria. Let us know details at time of booking.

Can I have more than one driver?

No problem ! We can add as many drivers as you need ( subject to the usual clearance) at a £6 per day charge.

Am I covered for a breakdown?
Of course! All our vehicles are covered by Main Dealer international network plus an Independent network of agents in the UK and our own team if you are close by! All available 24/7 on a freephone number on your keyfob. Whatever happens, we wont let you down.

What is your insurance excess?

Our standard excess is £500,(£800 for 7.5t) this is your maximum liability .(Full Liability for Overhead damage, 3rd party damage and negligent actions )

We will treat you fairly! Hire companies have a bad reputation for overcharging for damage etc BUT WE DON’T !! We will get a trade quote and recharge you the least amount we can. If you break a mirror, you just pay for a mirror, if you write our vehicle off you pay £500 (£800 7.5t). Accidents happen, but please treat our vehicles with the respect you would give your own car, then everyone is happy 🙂

Also, you may want to take out your own Excess Insurance with a third party company, here are some links for your information;

I Car Hire Insurance – Car Hire Excess Insurance

I Car Hire Insurance – Van Hire Excess Insurance

Insure My Car Hire – Car Hire Excess Insurance

Insure My Van Hire – Van Hire Excess Insurance

What payment types do you accept?
We can only accept payment by debit card or visa, mastercard credit cards. No cash or cheques unless on account.

What deposit do I pay?
We ‘pre-authorise’ your card for minimum £100 deposit,(£250 for 7.5t) so money doesn’t leave your account but your credit limit is reduced temporarily , just like when you stay at The Hilton !!

What do I do when using DARTFORD CROSSING ?

All our fleet is registered with DART, so we will recharge you £3.50 per crossing to save you the hassle ! ( DO NOT PAY DIRECTLY, AS YOU WILL PAY TWICE ! )

Are there different speed limits for Minibuses and Commercial vehicles ?

Yes! Remember; on Single Carriageway its 50, Dual Carriageway its 60, Motorway is 70 as normal.

Can I take your vehicles abroad?
Yes! We can quote for vans up to 3.5T gvw as well as People carriers and Minibuses up to 17 seats,and will provide you with everything you need to travel abroad including the new Crit-Air passes. Speak to us for full details.

Can I hire at the weekend?
No problem! We do special whole weekend deals to pickup either Friday 17.00 or Saturday am until Monday 8am, or you can hire for just a Saturday as we have an out of hours return facility.

What is the procedure if I have a query or complaint?

We truly hope you have a good experience when dealing with us and everything goes as planned. Very occasionally, things might not quite work out that way, so if you have a query or complaint please just email; in the first instance with your concern. We will do our utmost to resolve any issue to your satisfaction.  Any unresolved issues can be referred in writing to; or post; BVRLA,River Lodge,Badminton Court,Amersham HP70DD and will be dealt with by their Conciliation service.


Staged Accidents & Fraudulent Insurance Claims  Barford Hire is working closely in conjunction with Police, it’s Insurer and The Motor Insurance Database, Authorities and Multiple Hire Companies in an attempt to combat and eradicate Staged Accidents and Fraudulent Insurance Claims to benefit our genuine customers.

Useful Links

For London congestion charges select the link

Digital driver card application go to

DVLA licence rules go to or phone

0300 083 0013  View Driving Licence (VDL) Line ( Use if you cant view online)

0300 790 6801 General Enquiry Line

Moving house?  we have strong removal boxes for sale from our reception office

TEMPORARY STORAGE…….. Ask us for details as we can offer short and longer term storage areas.